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Our technicians have extensive knowledge of pianos. If you would like to request a tuning, please provide the following information. We will not send a technician without phone confirmation.

  • Piano location (address)
  • Piano type (grand/upright) & manufacturer
  • Date of last tuning
  • Phone number (required)
  • Request date

* We offer service tuning/repair in the Sydney Metro Area only.


Piano Tuning Cost

Standard Upright Piano tuning for within Sydney Metro Area is from $220 and Grand Piano Tuning is from $250.

* GST included on all quote prices.


Piano Repairs Cost are estimated upon inspection. Please contact us on(02) 9550 9825 or email us at for further information.

Please call 02 9550 9825 for price, or you can leave your contact details and wait us call back.

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