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Kayserburg Limited Edition GH160YJ Crystal Transparent Grand Piano

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Kayserburg Heritage SERIES

Kayserburg is a royal collection of upright and grand pianos representing a new commitment to the classic heritage and excellence of German instrument design. International master piano designer Lothar Thomma has been commissioned to create a new piano standard based on precision craftsmanship and current international developments in the science of acoustics and music technology.

KAYSERBURG LIMITED EDITION -GH160YJ with Prodigy Automatic Playing System 

Include one PianoDisc speaker + one Huawei Tablet

* Prodigy System is the lastes techonogly from Piano Disc.

The Kayserburg GH160YJ Transparent  is a GH160 Grand Piano with acrylic transparent panels and body to create a stunning and unique look. It's limited Edition to take 12-14 months for backorder from the factory. We are pround of to get the ONLY one in the sourthern hemisphere. All components are produced by advanced CNC digital machinery, which ensures absolute precision. Premium hard aluminium action rail keeps the weight of each key individually adjusted to achieve perfect balance and response. 


Length 1600mm / Width1505mm / Height 1001mm


Swiss piano-designer Lothar Thomma & Swiss master production-engineer Stephan Mohler were charged with designing and crafting the new line of Kayserburg pianos. Their years of experience in European manufacturing for the world’s most prestigious piano brands gives Kayserburg a pedigree that is a challenge to piano manufacturers everywhere.

These unique pianos are handmade by the factory’s most experienced artisans, closely supervised by European piano experts. It can be truly said that in purchasing a Kayserburg, you are buying a piece of the craftsman who perfect the instrument. Just as each fingerprint bears the mark of its owner, each Kayserburg piano showcases the character of its craftsman.

Kayserburg Crystal GH160YJ is finely designed, crystal clear, providing a beautiful artistic experience with flawless sound quality. All instrument parts are manufactured using advanced CNC digital machines, ensuring absolute accuracy. High-grade hard aluminum accessories that hold the weight of more than 12,000 components that make up the Grand Piano, especially each key individually customized to achieve the perfect balance. The audience will have the opportunity to admire the elaborate mechanism of action of this Kayserburg Crystal tree through its sparkling transparent bark.

Crystal is harder than glass, does not change color over time and is as transparent as Crystal, which is the material used to craft precious items that symbolize sophistication and elegance. It is also because of that characteristic that Kayserburg and a few piano manufacturers have chosen as raw materials to produce high-end, beautiful and beautiful pianos.

Kayserburg Crystal Grand Piano with Prodigy Self-Playing System

Kayserburg Crystal GH160YJ offers  an artistic experience beautiful with flawless sound quality.
In particular, Kayserburg Crystal GH160YJ is also equipped with Digital PianoDisc (Called "Prodigy" ) - the world's number one automatic play system; With a database of more than 5000 tracks recorded at the highest resolution will give us the opportunity to enjoy the talent of most of the world's most famous works performed by the world's top Pianists right here. home on the piano Kayserburg Crystal is as transparent as crystal.

What is Prodigy?

Prodigy is the culmination of everything PianoDisc strives for - the absolute best piano player system, powered by cutting-edge technology, with a simple, streamlined experience just for you. All in an invisible package.


Beauty in simplicity.

Prodigy combines PianoDisc's innovative SilentDrive HD technology and iQ's High Resolution software with over 1,024 levels of expression into one box. No wires, no fuss.


More ways to connect.

With Bluetooth, Analog, TOSLINK, MIDI 5-pin DIN, USB and Bluetooth MIDI, Prodigy gives you more ways to connect to your piano than ever before.

A new app for a new generation.

The new and improved iOS iQ Player app comes with hundreds of songs in every genre, and gives you more precise control of playback and better performance than ever before. 

  screen-shot-2018-08-11-at-3.55.16-pm.png  screen-shot-2018-08-11-at-3.55.27-pm.png


Additional Information

Condition Brand New
Brand Kayserburg
Width 1505mm
Depth 1600mm
Height 1001mm
Action Direct Blow
Action Material Select Domestic Maple
Back Construction Fine Spruce
Bench Adjustable Bench included
Bridges reble and Bass bridges are vertically laminated Beech with a solid Beech cap
Case Domestic panel stock of the finest quality
Frame Sand cast and fully machined with high gloss finish-full perimeter
Hammers Renner Hammers - Made in Germany. T-Wired and waterproof
Keybed Butcher-block spruce
Keys All made of Spruce, CNC processed in high accuracy
Pinblock 17-ply maple, cross banded
Soundboard Solid Spruce
Strings Treble: Röslau (Germany) solid surgical grade steel Bass: Röslau (Germany) core, solid copper hand-wound wrap
Tuning Pins Nickel-plated steel, cut thread
Warranty 10 Years


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